We act on behalf of our clients as an intermediary between the client, solicitors and pension scheme providers. As independent financial advisers, we are not tied into any specific pension providers and therefore provide whole of market advice - unlike some financial advisers who are restricted to work only with certain pension scheme providers, or who are not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide specialist pensions advice.

Any recommendations we make are based purely on our client’s needs and financial circumstances.

During the course of your divorce you may have already considered and discounted other financial methods of dealing with the pension benefits in divorce such as pension offset and pension earmarking.  If these were unsuitable for your personal circumstances then you will probably be awarded a Pension Sharing Order instead.


How does a pension sharing order work

So how does a pension sharing order work?

  • The courts award a pension sharing order and pension sharing annex and these come as documents which are stamped by the Court.
  • Ultimately the pension credit awarded to the spouse is usually transferred to another pension scheme
  • As independent financial advisers, Simpson Financial Services will assess your financial and personal circumstances, priorities and goals and make recommendations as to the best pension policies available to receive your share of your ex-spouses pension fund.
  • We will also carry out an investment risk assessment with you so we can advise you on the best types of assets to invest in such as cash, fixed interest bonds, equities and property.
  • We will implement the Pension Sharing Order within the time permitted, either by setting up a brand new pension policy for the client or transferring the pension credit into an existing scheme in their name. We will need a copy of the Pension Sharing Order and pension sharing annex.


If we have agreed an ongoing advice service with you we will keep you regularly updated on the performance of your new pension investment and advise on any improvements which can be made.