Divorce can be a very difficult and emotional time, and something like carrying out a pension share on divorce is unlikely to be uppermost in your mind. As part of our service, we eliminate the stress and worry about what to do with your pension settlement, and handle your pension affairs with sensitivity and the upmost integrity.

Once a Pension Sharing Order has been issued by the Courts, you then have the legal document outlining what pension rights you have, but do you have the necessary expertise to make sure your pension share is invested with the best possible pension company for you?

As independent financial advisers, we will research and identify the best pension scheme available for you and complete the transfer of your pension rights promptly and efficiently.  If required, we also give advice on how you should invest your pension fund in a manner which is suitable to you.

Pension Sharing and pensions in divorce can be a complex issue and is easy to get wrong. It is important to choose a pension that suits your needs and helps to secure your financial future, which is why it is so important to choose an independent financial advisor who has your best interests at heart and can provide you with the pension’s advice you need.

Pension and Divorce