Simpson Financial Services

Simpson Financial Services has been successfully providing independent financial advice to UK residents since 2004.  We have built a reputation over the last 12 years for providing honest, professional advice to our clients in whatever financial matters we are dealing with on their behalf.

Pension planning and pensions and divorce advice is one of our areas of expertise, and we have a team of advisers who are qualified and equipped to deal with implementing Pension Sharing Orders, as part of divorce proceedings.

Some of our regulated independent financial advisers also hold the Chartered Insurance Institute’s G60 pension qualification which allows them to advise you on certain types of pension scheme which are deemed complex by the Financial Conduct Authority.  This ensures you are being advised by a pension professional.

Because we are independent financial advisers we are also able to pass comment on any existing pension schemes which you have.  This is most important as it may be best  for you to implement your pension share using an existing pension fund.

You should always check that your adviser is authorised and regulated to be able to give you pensions advice.  We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and you can check their register here.  Our registration number is 472031.

Please note that some forms of tax advice and planning are not regulated by the FCA.